18 November 2015

WOW - That was AMAZING . . .

It was hot and a little uncomfortable, my outfit didn't fit and I had a buzzing sound in my ears but I would not have missed this for anything!

I got to visit "The Girls" up close and very personal!

* * * * *

In fact I was helping my DD inspect her Bee Hive.

A task that has to be done regularly to ensure the health of the hive and the Bees.

(Not totally sure about her choice of footwear - maybe they are "Special" socks!)

This time it was different as it was a Full inspection - right down into the bottom brood box

Checking the frames one by one
I got a lesson on what each part of the hive was..

I commented to her as I was taking these photographs that it was amazing what you can do when you trust your equipment

Fully encased in the SIL's Bee Suit,
I wasn't nervous at all.

Some of the racks were REALLY heavy ...

And full of beautiful golden HONEY.

They say there is nothing like the taste of your first honey harvest

Ohhhhh YUM -

How can I describe it?

Delicate, yet with a Strong Red Gum flavour and a massive kick of Lemon.

or just simply AMAZING!


  1. Wonderful! The bees look like they are doing very well.

    Bee suits are marvelous, but I found out the hard way not to get too relaxed about putting them on. At first I always looked in the mirror as I did mine up, to ensure everything was closed up tight. The one time I relaxed and just zipped it up without looking, I had left a little gap which several bees go in through. That was NOT FUN! I've gone back to being very careful, now!

  2. I bought some blue gum honey when I visited Australia back in April. It was really tasty. We have had bee hives in a corner of our farm for many years but someone else always does all the work. Your pictures tell an amazing story.

  3. I think you look lovely in your suit or is that your daughter LOL. As a child in NZ over the Xmas holidays we would raid the wild bee nests by smoking them in their nest that were built in hollow trees my brothers all would get stung but they never touched me LOL Thanks for sharing, Glenda

    1. LOL - Thank you for the compliment Glenda. But the photos are actually of my DD. I'm always the one behind the lens!

  4. Wow those are some great photos! I must admit that the bee hive fascinates me. After getting stung by one of 'the girls' on a previous occasion, I now maintain a healthy distance, particularly during inspection and they're a bit grumpy!
    I also got to try a small teaspoon of the honey...Bliss!