12 November 2015

You know you're in trouble when ....

The Quilt Police says "Take a Break" ....

... and if you don't
I'll just sit here and look cute until you do!

The odd thing about this is - Spike just doesn't jump up on the benches or tables - so sitting on my ironing board/work bench is VERY unusual!
Maybe I should take that break!

* * *

Before I was interrupted I was about to place the 4th applique spray onto my Istanbul Quilt centre.

It looks good sitting on the applique mat

But transferring all those  pieces which are so delicately held together isn't easy

And I have decided not to mark the quilt fabric with anything but some tacked in registration lines (see previous post).

A simple way around this is, with the template underneath, mark some key points through the fabric with pins ..

Then just position the flowers up against the corresponding pins and press!

And now I am ready to keep stitching...
(Interruptions permitting!)

1 comment:

  1. It's looking gorgeous! Reckon if you don't get pulled away too much over the rest of this month and next then it should be ready in time for February as you've planned.