11 November 2015

Whittlesea Show 2015

Founded in 1859, The Whittlesea Show is said to be the oldest and largest 2 day Agricultural show in Victoria. Each year the Cake Decorators Association of Victoria (Diamond Valley Branch) comes along to demonstrate to the children.. and interested 'grown-ups'.

Hmm... it seemed that our audience was distracted by the roving Balloon Artist -
- who was making his own kind of flowers!

Each year the show has a theme.  This year was the commemoration of the ANZAC Centenary. So we chose to make Poppies.

Poppies take a lot of time and concentration to make, something you just don't have on a day like this...

(If you'd like to have a go, you can find tutorials online. I am looking forward to trying this one!)

...so how DO you make a Poppy in less than 3 minutes flat?

You start with some very simple tools and ingredients:

Rollout some Red Fondant and cut a simple flower

Flute the edges with a 'frilling tool' - or as I told the audience- a Japanese chopstick, Knitting needle, toothpick anything with a tapered end will do.

And of course we had to have something to stick the Poppies on, something that was quick, inexpensive and yummy - so what was The Essential Ingredient?


A little water painted onto the Lollypop is all you need to get an instant 'glue'.
Then a ball of Chocolate Brown fondant for the flower centre.
A couple of pokes and a little humour .....

And in no time at all you have a "Lolly-Poppy".

The kids loved them and were reminded of the significance of the little flower with each one that was *handed out - all 700 of them!

Lest we forget!

*Footnote:  All ingredients and time were donated and the Lollypops were given freely (on the proviso that the child watched the demonstration) ...  we were VERY tired by the end of the Show but have all 'signed up' for next year!

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  1. Those Lolly-poppies are so cute! I love the smiley centres ;)