1 June 2016

First of June already?

Where DID the last fortnight go?
(Part Two)

Sunday was yet another distraction from what I was SUPPOSED to be doing...

The Victorian Knitters Association was having a Fair at our local Town Hall and of course, what I really needed was more wool.....
The Cream ball was just what I was looking for - 100% made and processed in Victoria.
Alpaca/ Merino 12 ply with a beautiful drape.
Can't wait to get it on the needles!

The rest of my free time this week has been spent cutting little squares and rectangles out of fabric and TRYING to turn these ....


All 30 sets of them!

That's what I should have been doing...
But instead I ended up cleaning out the pantry and re-organising the shelves.

Finding forgotten 'must have' purchases.
Some of which I could not believe the 'use by' dates - lots of those ending up in the bin or worm farm.

With the exception of THESE....

Which got turned into

OH YUM.... I have never seen my DH's eyebrows go so high when tasting these 'Adult Only' Cookies.
Just the thing with a good strong cup of coffee.

So - needless to say my adventures with Bonny Hunter have taken a back seat this week. Oh well - there is always next week ... and plenty of cookies!


  1. Who can resist home made cookies!!

  2. I saw a leaflet about the knitters fair somewhere, but it is a bit out of my way now.

    Those bikkies look very tempting! But back to the sewing machine...