20 September 2012

Distractions and a UFO

I have a new laptop - it is bright and shiny and EMPTY.. so therefore void of personality. (A bit like this posting).  All my photos and programs are on my old laptop...which kind of sounds like it is about to self destruct every time I turn it on.  And the 'Tech gurus' of the household can't seem to decide on whether it is an issue with the fan (not so much of a problem) or the Hard drive (BIG problem).  So I am not looking forward to moving and sorting all the stuff that is hiding within the hard drive.... It is almost as bad as trying to sort out my sewing room!

and in the meantime.......

I recently posted about wanting to finish Heart's Desire, but I actually have two UFOs that I need to complete - they are quite different from each other and yet connected.  So a UFO challenge for my Janome Group this month is the ideal time to get stuck into the task.
As far as my second UFO is concerned - I started with an 11 x 11 block, square quilt top that I had tried to put together maybe two years ago and a box full of additional blocks that were made almost 3 years ago.  
It has been laid out on the lounge room floor for the past two weeks waiting for inspiration, as I had decided that I no longer wanted to finish it according to the pattern I was following.
That inspiration struck on Monday and so it is back to placing and sewing the remaining blocks together, tweaking it a bit and.......

I'll show off the result - Next week!

Post Script:
After much thought I have decided to tell the story behind the making of this quilt - It has it's own page (much easier to remove later) - Just click the tab titled "A Quilt with No Name".
Warning - You may need a Cuppa and some Tissues.


  1. Te colors of your quilt on my screen match the colors of your blog background - very pretty. I am glad the inspiration has struck for you and that you will be able to finish that UFO. It is so nice when that happens, isn't it? :)


  2. Oh I love that pattern looks like a fun quilt. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Hope you get all your photos etc off your old computer without a problem.
    Hugs Bunny