7 September 2012

I had a bright idea this morning......

I thought, seeing that I had a UFO challenge this month that I would pull out Hearts Desire and actually see how much more I had to do on it and whether it was ‘do-able’ to get it finished in a month.

So I laid it out on the carpet in the lounge room (away from The Quilters Cat – in training).  I stood back and admired how far I had gotten in just the last 2 days.  Then I placed the Flower heads (that I made while I was out of action last November with that broken ankle) into their positions on the remaining “Flowers for Me”- Block 4 b, c & d.

Enter Spike aka QC-IT... He normally decides that anything that is on the floor is his, but not this time.  This time he just sat on the edge of the mat and surveyed the blocks ..... as if he was trying to work out what was wrong.  Yeah OK there is no yellow or purple – but it was more than that.  He turned and left the quilt undisturbed and un-sat on.

And then I saw it --- 
“Why are all ....those small flower heads.... going ... the ... same ... way?????”
I have been SO careful not to make them all Left hand heads, that I managed to make them all RIGHT hand heads.  Oh drat! (I wonder if my OCD – DH will notice – Yep, he will).   BIG SIGH!

Determined not to let it bother me today, I decided that I had done enough to be able to sew a couple of the blocks together.  I picked up Love Entwined and its sashing border of little half circles in 2 shades of blue.  
Why don’t they fit?

You set them in very neatly into the 16 ½” and have forgotten the seam allowances!!  Oh well, it could have been worse – I could have fused them to the back fabric and machine appliqu├ęd them in place, 
............now - Where is the un-picker?

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