12 September 2012

A different WIP and a real Phd.

From time to time I break my own rules and post something about my family. Mainly it is about the kids as DH isn't terribly interesting, unless you are into Cryptic Crosswords.

DD who, on her own admission has 'been at school way too long", went off to Uni a couple of months ago looking rather nice. She told me "Oh they're taking some photos" and arrived home last night with this......

So what do you do when your daughter brings home a copy of the University Course guide for next year with her picture on the front cover?  ...and the inside too?

Take it to "Show and Tell" !!!

She is in her final stage of a Phd in Chemistry.  A WIP that has been delayed by the fact that she has also graduated in Law (with a particular interest in Intellectual Property Law and Patents) and has completed her Diploma of Legal Practice, and has been admitted as an Australian Lawyer.
And........ in her spare time she quilts a bit and looks after her ever expanding collection of Orchids.

So, Yep - Just a wee bit proud of her.


  1. Way to go, AKQ's DD!! That is so cool! But then, I've always known how awesome she is :D

  2. She's done good!! you should be proud of her!! I hope you have a great week.

  3. You have every right to be proud of her! I love hearing about my cyber friends families, I feel like I get to know them that way.

  4. Well you must be so very PROUD what a credit to you as her MOM. You should be shouting from the roof tops... Hmm I think I heard you during the night :)
    Hugs Bunny

  5. This is something to be very proud of indeed. I am employed at a Graduate School of Biomed Sciences, and we grant Masters and Ph.D's in the Basic Sciences, so I know exactly how hard your daughter has been working, and just how driven she is to have gotten this far in her life. It's quite an achievement that's for sure. Congratulations to her and you, her parents for raising such a terrific daughter.

  6. Wow Wendy...I'd be bursting at the seams too! Tell her congratulations, what a terrific achievement. Fabulous.