9 June 2016

Progress report

Yet again this week has flown past -
So - where am I up to in my "Bonny Hunter Challenge" ?

I made a bucket full of these from a whole lot of fabric that I had previously cut apart  ...

DS#2 came in while I was sewing and asked why I was making 'Bunting'.     :(

I sewed them (and a whole lot more) back together again to make a table full of these....

and THEN,
I was able to get down to the 'fun part' or rather the POINT of the exercise -

and there will be plenty of points to get right by the time I am done!

Nine down - Forty One to go!

Lookin' good so far, and the advantage of doing this as a Challenge rather than a Mystery?  ... at least I know where I am going to end up!


  1. Looking good!

    It is a lovely pattern. I love the fun of the mystery, but there is something to be said for working on something you KNOW that you will love, rather than just something you HOPE will be OK.

  2. I downloaded each week of the Alletaire pattern too. I don't like mystery quilts, I want to be sure I'm spending my time sewing a quilt I really like. I do like this pattern, maybe someday I'll piece it. I like the colors of your blocks. Blessings, Gretchen