15 July 2016

Progress report - "Istanbul"

DS#1 & DDIL have been waiting patiently for their Wedding Gift while I have been slowly working on Tamsin Harvey's "Istanbul" Quilt.

As the centre filled with Tulips, Carnations and small blooms that are so typical of the Isnik design, I found myself researching more and more into this interesting and ancient art which is still very much alive today.

At last the whole cloth centre medallion is completed.

Looking back through my Blog Posts I have been stunned that I "only" started stitching this last October - it seems a LOT longer!

Of course there was the waiting for the book to be printed and a lot of preparation of the applique, not to mention a small problem of some lost Mojo along the way.

Now all that is left is some borders - and maybe, a tiny tweak to the pattern..... and then on to be Quilted.

I'll keep you posted.