11 January 2017

For when you need a "Mum Hug"....

What DO you do when one of your children rings to tell you, that they have just been offered their dream job - BUT it is in another country?

You do a lot of research,

ask a lot of questions

Give them all the support they need
and then

You make an  Aussie themed quilt*
(and new Bucket Bag)

 ... Of course!

It has been quite the roller-coaster ride here.
In the last 3 months we have gone from "Now what? I don't know what is next."
to "I've got my Visa - is this REALLY happening?".

Tonight we waved Good-bye
Au Revoir
Auf Weidersehen
- see you in 12 months.

Well... maybe

*My utmost thanks and appreciation goes to Carol from 'Sewn 'n Quilted' for squeezing me in to her Christmas Quilting list at the last minute so that DD's Quilt would be finished in time - She is going to need it!


  1. Oh, that's a hard one. On the one hand you wish them every success in their careers, but on the other hand, does it have to be on the other side of the world??

  2. Crazy times, but worth the adventure :)