31 May 2018

May-be I spent some time in the Garden

I started to write to a friend recently and my opening lines were....

"Just come back in from looking at all the weeds growing where I spent all last week pulling them out.... it is like the new ones are saying "Thanks for giving us some room to grow".
Humph - sounds like an opening line for a Blog Post!"

I don't think I have finished writing to my friend yet - more distractions, like the weeds mentioned above!

They ARE relentless and these ones have itty-bitty bulbs attached to their roots making them impossible to remove completely.

I have been happy with my little potted garden - everything is growing well and the White Cabbage Butterfly has been thrilled to find my Tatsoi.....  Ah the joys of a Butterfly friendly garden.

And Mother's Day flowers have joined in the party as well.

The local Bees are enjoying one of the Chrysanthemums and not the other - so Colour is everything!

And then there was our poor Lemon Tree.

Looks good in this photo but has been the subject of much attention from a young friend who is an Entomologist .

It is heavily infested with Citrus Gall Wasp and needs to come out. 

We didn't realise just how big it was and how much ugly it was hiding!

Now I have a bucket full of Lemons and some serious cleaning up to do!


  1. That was drastic for the poor lemon tree!

    I cut every branch off mine when it had a bad infestation in 2009. It re-grew and a couple of years later started having fruit again. But then I have also seen lemon trees where the wasp infestation was so bad that it killed the tree, so probably better to put it out of its misery!

  2. Lots of lemon butter in the future! ;)

    Shame about the old lemon tree overrun by gall wasp. Any thoughts about what you'll do with the space now?

    In the meantime, I have a daffodil bulb for you. It's a variety called Ruffled Quilt. ;) I meant to leave it with your DD, but forgot to give it to her along with the others I gave her. I'm hoping to remember to give it to her to pass onto you in the next week or so.