10 June 2018

And May-be I did some sewing

Looking back at the things I did during May (before June gets ahead of me)...
Winding up a few loose ends - or rather FINALLY being able to finish a UFO.

Yoshiko's Garden was a pattern from the (now closed) Kona Bay website.

It was one of those patterns that was designed to showcase a range of fabric, and well.... it didn't quite work.

Fabric ranges are very nice but I think using EVERY single fabric in the one quilt can be a bit overwhelming.

Since deciding to make the pattern - I have been struggling with the design.

For me it was incomplete.
It just didn't look right!

It is a reasonably good pattern for showcasing Two feature prints or a Feature and Companion Print.

The blocks that draw your eye are the large dark framed snowballs.
Yet there are only two complete blocks in the whole quilt, the rest are chopped off at the edges!

They HAD to be complete for it to make sense.
So I happily went about sewing up full blocks...
Not enough Pink fabric to finish, so back into the UFO box it went - again.

Determined to finish it, I took another look into the UFO box and found I had enough Pink scraps to join together the missing pieces.

For this Quilt it doesn't matter if there are a few more joins, that most probably will be hidden in the quilting and not ever noticed.

Oh No!   Now there isn't enough Blue Butterfly Fabric to complete the edges...

A complimentary print found in my stash helped fill the gaps.

So it needs a darker border to frame it off.

Three Cheers for a Sale at Spotlight - That all over Butterfly print I had my eye on is now a reasonable price.

The quality of the fabric is not brilliant, but good enough to finish the Quilt.

I am finally happy with it - And now I can move it into the "To Be Quilted When Needed" box.

And the finished size?   64" x 73"

Perfect for the Guest Emergency Bed, some extra warmth for the Kids or to just Cuddle under.

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  1. Hahaha! I bought some of those exact same butterfly quilting fabrics in the Spotlight sale at the start of June. Nice to know I have your excellent taste in fabrics ;)

    Perfect size quilt for the emergency bed. I must try to make one of a similar size for my emergency bed too.