23 July 2018

What Happened to June and July ?

I went to add another item to the Calendar today and realised there wasn't any more of July left.  So what did happen in June and July? What did I do? Where did it go?

June is a time for Birthdays - my Mother turned 78 and mine? Well I stopped counting a long time ago.

Our D-DIL invited us to see her Performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre.  I wish I could show you photos from that as it was a most interesting night.

They did an Original Composition in collaboration with Thereminist and experimental artist Miles Brown.

After the Performance we were in the right spot at the right time to see the Melbourne Art Centre Spire light up for the evening.

And being such a beautiful night we just couldn't resist indulging with something decadent from 'Damon Bradley' Desert Cafe in Southbank.

Belgian Waffles with way too much Chocolate!

Then happily strolling back along the River to Flinders Street Train Station.

It is not often I get to play "Tourist" in my home town... It was a lovely evening and we should do it more often!

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