December 27, 2011

Boxing Day -

...the day after Christmas is the time that my DH's family all get together.  This year it was held at the home of one brother who lives in a regional town less than an hour out of Melbourne.  Having 4 1/2 acres gives the family plenty of space to........

Catch up with ALL the Family - Well, most of them anyway.  (This year we only had 42.)
Participate in the traditional Boxing Day Test Match.
Cricket at it's finest where the only rule is... If you are caught - by anyone including Uncle on the deck - You are OUT!

Exchange Gifts.
(This year "Santa" had 3 Elf helpers - 'cause his back isn't quite what it used to be.....)

and  whose idea was it to start the After Gift Paper Fight?  ......... Oh yeah Aunty Helen!

The Boys got to play with their toys.....

.....and Oh Look - Uncle John has a Helicopter tree!

While everyone else decided to go down to the dam and see if the Yabbies were biting...

They were.......
.......We caught them...... (DD actually caught 4 - not bad seeing she had never been yabbying before.)

....... and we BBQ'd them! And they were delicious!!

A wonderful day was had by all......  Now who is hosting it next year?

28/12/11 Footnote:  Yabbie - A small freshwater crayfish that live in rivers, streams and dams.  Found across Victoria, Western NSW, South Western QLD and Eastern South Australia.   

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  1. OMG the 'yabbies' look frightening! You'll have to excuse the dense gal in the USA ... but what IS a yabby? I'll have to do a search online, LOL.

    warm quilt hugs, sue in California