25 December 2011

....and That's why there's a Christmas Day

Today is my first Christmas post.
It is a time when Friends and Family join together and celebrate  - But what is it that we are actually celebrating?
Could we all spare a minute or two today to remember the reason for the Season.  Perhaps the Hymn we used to sing in Sunday School sums it up.... 

When I was just a youngster Christmas meant one thing
that I'd be getting lots of toys that day!
I learned a whole lot different when Mother sat me down
and taught me to spell Christmas - this way....
C - is for the Christ Child - Born upon this day
H - for Herald Angels in the Sky
R - is MY Redeemer
I - for Israel
S - is for  the Star that shone so bright
T - is for The Wise Men, they who travelled far
M - is for the Manger where He lay
A - is ALL He stands for
S - means Shepherds came
and That's why there's a Christmas Day
and That's why there's a Christmas Day!

May The Lord Bless you and Keep you. Where ever you are.

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