21 December 2011

WOW - Is it that time again?

The sewing has been packed up - out of harms way, and I now have a rather large space in the back room.  I hope the family does not become accustomed to it!
Underneath the tree (yes, it's a real one) is my bag of goodies from my stocking swap partner.  I have been VERY good and not peeked - well, maybe a squish & sniff before going into the sack - but that WAS allowed!
On the shelf are my beautiful Postcards that I have received as part of the "We are the World" challenge I participated in this month.  The last 2 arrived in this morning's mail.

I have been a VERY busy with the Christmas Goodies today.
The Christmas Cake - which should have been baked 2 months ago is finally done and cooling....

... beside the Walnut & Candied Peel Tartlets that I made yesterday.  These, I understand just need lashings of fresh cream! 
And the Mince Pies which still need to be iced with some fondant stars 

along with the 'bucket' of Gingerbread Cookies that DD made on Sunday.  
(She made Shortbread too).

The custard for the Ice cream is absolutely perfect and has just finished in the Ice cream machine. This is going to be made into a giant version of a Mango / Macadamia Weiss Bar.

And .... what do you do with all those left over Egg Whites?
Make a Pavlova of Course!

Oh I am SO enjoying having an oven that works!

PS:  It is my turn to host my Family's Christmas Lunch - Just a small gathering - 4 Generations around the table.  That is 14 Adults and 2 Toddlers.  Then the next day, It is on to My DH's family Doo, where 35 - 40 is not unheard of.... Oh the Pressies under THAT tree is a sight to behold! - Maybe I will give you a peek at THIS Aussie Christmas next week.


  1. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, loving and happy 2012. With lots of new handicrafts inspiration.

  2. Wow, another bunch of goodies. You Aussie's sure have a lot of yummy things you mix up. I want to move to Aust. LOL Esp. right now when it's winter here.

  3. Yummmmm!
    Have a very Merry Christmas,
    Always, Queenie

  4. That all looks wonderful. Lucky families!
    Have a Merry, Merry Christmas,

  5. Love all your goodies. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I did not post yet this Wednesday. Been busy doing other things.