December 7, 2011

"The Roo Arrived"

Well, that is good to hear!
Last week I posted that I was working on a Fabric Postcard Challenge.  The theme "We are the World" was a difficult one to work with...
How DO you make a topic like that out of fabric that is restricted to 6" x 4" ?

Julie's Card to GraceSome chose to make a Globe and surround it with figures, This is Julie's card she sent to Grace.

Others decided to add an extra line to the challenge title
 ..... "And this is my part of it!"
I chose to go with this option..

I decided on symbols that are universally recognised as Australian.  Those in the 'know' would instantly recognise the Australian Aboriginal Flag.

The symbolic meaning of the flags colours are:
Black:   Represents the Aboriginal People of Australia.
Red:     The Red Earth, the Red Ochre and a Spiritual relationship with the Land.
Yellow:  Represents the Sun. Giver of Life and Protector.

I also used the Stars of our National Flag - The Southern Cross.  To me this represents Home.

A Kangaroo?  Who in the World does not know that Kangaroo's and Gum leaves are Australian???

The mini quilt was satin stitched onto a card with Gold thread and Green in the bobbin, then sent "Naked" through the post.  I posted them on Tuesday afternoon and the first one arrived in Canada 3 days later!

Also during the week I have been doing some fine tuning on my Blog - I have changed the wallpaper for Summer added a Greeting to the sidebar and a New page.
I understand that not everyone wants to comment on a specific posting so I created a place to leave a greeting or just an autograph.
So don't be shy - sign the 'Visitors Book'


  1. Great great postcard Wendy, hope you remembered to tell them about the flag when you posted them off????? Like the idea of a guest book!!!!! I do enjoy dropping in to see you. Cheers Glenda

  2. reply:
    Yes! I gave an explanation similar to the one above, when I posted my photo in the Challenge Group's Album. It's in the comments section under the photo.

  3. Love your postcard, Wendy! It is a nice blend of Australian images.

  4. Great postcard Wendy, it's just the right balance of images.