May 16, 2012

I really have been spoilt this week

Sunday was Mother's Day and whereas my 3 are not usually known for co-operating with each other they seem to have coordinated my Mother's day gifts rather well.
Apparently they had no idea what each other had chosen until they got home from their shopping.  To make things even more intriguing --2 of my gifts actually came from the same shop!   Well, maybe that bit may have been orchestrated.
Either way  I have a gorgeous Glass Teapot to show off the lovely Tea Balls which open up in the hot water into an awesome flower that spins inside the bowl of the Pot while it infuses.  And then a sweet Tea Cup and Saucer to set off the theme.

And.. today was our 31st Wedding Anniversary.
My wonderful DH presented me with this beautiful shawl pin from his new "Favourite" Shop.

It is based on a Spiral Shaped Bronze Age Armband c. 1500 BC and sits rather comfortably on my red Pashmina.

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  1. Love your gifts! The Tea cup is really pretty.
    My son and girlfriend gave me a lovely White John F Kennedy Rose bush for the garden .