May 10, 2012

Two Projects One Solution . . . .

It is always good to be able to work 2 specific needs into the one project.  I like to do this as much as possible and this week was no exception.

My DS#2 needed a Costume for his movie shoot and I needed a contribution to an Embellishment Challenge for my Janome Group.....

Simple!   Remember This?
It was the Jacket that I made last year for another event.. which coincidently I was able to use for the Decorative Stitch Challenge.

I hadn't done any more to it once it came home so thought a little Embellishment would give it a new life or more to the point ..a new Role to Play!

Adding a bit of braid to the lapels and some pre-purchased Military style Motifs did the trick, turning the same jacket from Futuristic Cyborg to Time Travelling Aeronaught.

Everyone was delighted with the transformation.


  1. Very cleaver Wendy looks great on your handsome son.

  2. Well done Wendy, you really used your imagination on this jacket. He looks great in both photo's. Happy week-end Cheers Glenda