February 4, 2013

Easter Cupcakes

This weekend, I spent an enjoyable Saturday afternoon with the ladies at the Cake Decorators Association. 

One of our newer members took us for a workshop where we learnt to make Easter Themed decorated Cupcakes.  

I was pleased with the way mine turned out, even though they were supposed to look like Easter Eggs with Bunnies bursting out of them. 
But, after the week I have just had I think that 'Rabbit Holes' were more appropriate.
At least my Bunny found an egg to share while she was down there and looks pretty pleased with herself as well!


  1. So that's where they came from! I did wonder :) Are they easy to make or should an amateur start with something a bit simpler?

  2. Oh WOW Wendy you are so talented I just love those bunnies and eggs.
    Hugs Bunny

  3. So Cute, But all those calories, YUM.
    Cheers jenny

  4. They look lovely, so intricate too!