May 22, 2013

New Tripod - No Bag

Apparently, there are as many different styles and choices for Tripod Bags as there are Tripods to put in them, and my new lightweight Manfrotto did not come with one, (I was informed it is an optional extra), so I set about making my own.

How to make a Carry Bag for a Small Camera Tripod or Music Stand.

First off it really helped that I had a bag from another tripod, that the Manfrotto fitted in so I was able to take measurements from that.

The next helpful thing was, that DH had a Promotional Document Wallet - the kind they give out at conventions that you never know what to do with once you get home.

This wallet was particularly suitable with a good quality zip.
All I had to do was unpick the stitching.

Which included trying to unpick as much of the logo that was necessary - no need to unpick it all.

Cut out the pieces incorporating any of the features that may be useful.

In this case I have used the zip and the clear nameplate window.

All that was left was to sew it up using the sample as a reference. (Sorry, I got so engrossed with the construction that I forgot to take photos of this stage.)

Attach an adjustable strap from an old computer bag.

Then add a couple of Iron On Souvenir patches - to personalise it  - and there you have it ....

one new Tripod

and one new Tripod Case.

All ready for an adventure! ......


  1. What a great idea! And to use those convention bags that are too good to throw away.
    So clever.

    Thanks for sharing!

    And great choice of tripod too :o)

  2. Very smart idea. Have fun using it on your adventures.

  3. Awesome! Innovation as its best :D