July 9, 2013

Cathedral Cavern - Alabama USA

I don't like being underground, but I will put that fear to one side when I have
the opportunity to see inside a Cave.
Not your 'garden variety hole in the cliff' type cave - I mean the one's with the most spectacular formations made over millennia by the constant trickle of water through Limestone.

North Alabama USA is said to have the one of the highest densities of these caves in the world. Whilst we were visiting, we were fortunate to be taken to Cathedral Cavern.
Entrance from Inside the Cavern
To say it was HUGE is putting it mildly - not the largest cave in the area - but the largest we have been in. With 1.3 miles (round trip) of paved walkway to a point in the cavern where they just could not go any more - and still there were formations and tunnels ahead.

It is very difficult to get a decent photograph in these conditions and keep up with the tour group but I managed these few to share.

This formation was used in the filming of the 1995 Disney movie "Tom & Huck".
The Cavern is also home to what is said to be the largest Column in the world "Goliath" measuring 14m tall x 74m in circumference.
(that's big and very, VERY old).


  1. They are beautiful...so glad you were able to experience them while visiting here...

  2. Beautiful photos thanks for sharing :-))