20 July 2013

Scatterdays again - -

This time it is " Z " and I think Cinzia has given out quite the challenge.
(I wasn't able to come up with original photos for a couple of these categories).

Stock image Disney DVD set
Z for Notorious - - Well, the only thing that comes to mind for this is my childhood hero "ZORRO" who kept me enthralled throughout endless school holidays.

Looking back on U-tube at the Pilot Episode I was re-united with a very young Guy Williams playing the lead role - before he was "Lost in Space"!

Z for Edible - - Now where is a Zucchini when you need one? Well, I have searched high and low for my photo of a large Zucchini that we picked from our garden to no avail - so that leads me to the SPICE jars where I had just a little of this beautiful Middle Eastern spice mix called Za'atar. Used as a Pizza like topping it is just the thing to warm you up on a cold raining Melbourne morning.

Stock Image Melbourne Zoo
Z for Family - - Our Melbourne Zoo Family are very sad at the moment with the sudden death this week of their Silver Backed Gorilla -
"Rigo has been a much-loved member of the zoo family for 40 years, almost a third of the zoo's entire history,"

Z for Zzzzzzz - - Ahh yes - A picture IS worth a thousand words!

DD snapped this at Auckland Airport - Waiting to board an Air New Zealand flight last week.
And THIS one ....
waiting to board an Air NZ flight at LAX on the way back!

(At this point in the trip - I knew exactly how he felt!)

What is in store for our next Scatterday post?


  1. Great array of Zeds, Wendy! Just as well the woman at the airport were reading not eating!!! Thanks for the slides how. Howdidthat happen? Thank you! I too was a Zorro fan & Am so sad about Rigo and understand the zoo family's grief. Keep enjoying yor trip!

  2. very good.... I love the Zoo one ... my favourite folk....... they are so natural lol.

  3. I know how those sleeping travellers feel, too.

    Welcome back to Oz!

  4. I have done that an airport also, but horizontal on a couch. So sad about our gorilla at Melbourne Zoo. He gave so much pleasure to the visitors over the years. Well done on your Z's.

  5. I can fully relate to your airport photos. Started heading home yesterday morning 8am Aussie time. Arrived home almost 11pm...and I was only coming from NZ! Fog isn't helpful to travellers but zzzz are often prolific, albeit suffered in total discomfort!
    What does za'atar taste like!