5 July 2013

What a Day in Alabama USA - -

I am sitting in the quiet on the back porch of my Hosts home, watching the gentle rain just drop out of the sky, only broken by the leaves on the trees of the Oak 'Forrest' that is in front of me.  It is very peaceful, but I am afraid it has put a dampener on a lot of folks 4th July plans.
BUT - yesterday was a different story.  It was a cool day for the middle of Summer and we set off to go down a few 'rabbit holes' - Just like Alice, we found so many wonderful things that left us in awe, and gave our cameras a good work out.
First stop was Noccalula Falls, where it is said an Indian Princess threw herself over the edge rather than being forced to marry somone she didn't love. It was a pretty place to stop and stretch our legs before driving the Little River Canyon Ridge Road, where we stopped at all the lookouts for more photos.
One of the things I like to do when out and about is collect interesting signs.  So I snapped this one.  Expecting it only to warn us of a traffic Island, we were stunned to round the bend to be confronted by these massive rocks that would have been very comfortable guarding the entrace to Middle Earth or perhaps they were Trolls caught out in the rising sun?
Either way they would make a fantastic movie set!
I couldn't quite work out where thay had fallen from, so decided that as they were indeed  ancient, and quite possibly had just had the surrounding soil errode away over the passage of time.
I wonder what interesting things I will see today - if the rain lets up?

And to all my American readers - Happy 4th of July!


  1. the falls are always a wonderful place to visit...especially in the spring and fall...so glad you are enjoying your trip.