July 12, 2013

Sleeping Bear Dunes

With the title of "The most beautiful place in America" Sleeping Bear Dunes and National Park was our choice for the Conference Excursion.  So we eagerly climbed aboard the coach, delighted to be out and about and able to, at  last see something more of Michigan, other than the inside of a (very lovely and comfortable) Resort.
The sight of this Dune was breathtaking - Oh WOW - that IS big.  Photos just can't give you the scale of this sand cliff that goes all the way to the fresh waters of Lake Michigan. 
I researched the area before leaving home and was familiar with the Legend of the Mother Bear with her 2 Cubs that fled bush-fires by swimming across the Great Lake, only to get to the other side and see her Cubs had drowned in the water behind her.  So devastated was she, that she laid down and cried great tears before dying herself.  Thus forming the Great Dune and two smaller Islands within the lake.

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  1. Beautiful dunes, but what a sad story that is...