July 2, 2013

We got here!

Hi everyone and greetings from Huntsville Alabama!

What can I say?  The trip was VERY long and we were VERY tired by the time we got here.
Arriving in Nashville airport was a treat - It has got to be the most beautiful and comfortable airport we had passed through to date. (Although Auckland was pretty spiffy too!)

Huntsville is a very pretty town with the most beautiful streetscaping.  The sight of sweeping lawns and Crepe Myrtle in full bloom down every street and in every carpark is just breathtaking.

Our Hosts have spoilt us with sights of Chimpmunks and Squirrels and Fireflies... and that was without leaving their house!

I have missed my promised Photo a day, as I have had issues with my small tablet not wanting to talk to my Camera, so unfortunately I will have to post without photos for the moment.
(I'll come back and put them in later when the issues have been sorted.... PROMISE!)

.... and I do have some wonderful photos to share.

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