October 7, 2013

UV Filters ...

THIS is a UV filter

and THIS is WHY
you put a UV filter on EVERY lense you have!

So - How did that happen?
The Camera strap got caught around the Tripod 
which was sitting on the Kit bag 
which overbalanced,
pulling the Camera off the desk
and onto the floor...

And the Official word from Canon as to how to fix it?

Take a hacksaw to it!


  1. Ouch indeed! Fortunately the UV filter took the full impact of the fall. It protected the lense and the camera ... cheap insurance!

  2. Hi hi Wendy! was thinking about you and all the wedding plans hope all is well. And ouch on the camera good thing you had that UV lense. Cheaper fix. I am busy packing etc who knew I would be doing this.. Lol kids are all settled and we are pretty organized but still have to downsize my sewing stuff. LOL. Hugs bunny