12 October 2013

Scatterdays "F" - the 'real one'

A few months ago I posted my very own (unofficial) F Category as I was (officially) happy to have finished a long term Quilt I had been working on.
But now the alphabet has finally caught up with me and it is time to hunt for the chosen F categories!

Fireflies: I had the opportunity of watching these beautifully fascinating insects on a warm July evening in Alabama, but try as we might we just couldn't get one to sit still long enough to get a photo.

COUNTRY - One of the things that intrigue me about blogging is all the countries that my readers come from. And, believe it or not, I keep a list of these countries (at last count 82) but only two start with the letter F.  So a big HELLO to FRANCE and FINLAND!

Freedom: It certainly wasn't deliberate - but I found myself at Freedom Furniture this week and discovered this awesome spare bed that folds inside a Footstool (well OK it's an Ottoman... but that doesn't start with F).

Felting:  The thing about having a long haired Cat is that he needs a lot of grooming. The resulting tufts of ever so soft fur that collect in his brush has had me contemplating using it for a felting project in the future.
(Maybe when he is old and grey(er) I can make him a coat ........ ?

Well, that's it for today's Letter. Be sure to check back next time to find out what I come up with for the letter P.


  1. I was quite fascinated by fireflies when I saw them in the US, too. I couldn't get a photo either.

  2. You discovered the Sleepover Ottoman! I've been admiring these for a few weeks now, and I have it in mind to ask my siblings if they'd buy me one (in the light blue colour) for my significant birthday next year ;)

    I can't wait to see your cat-fur felting project come to life. :D

  3. Apologies for being over two weeks late. The firefly photo is the first I've seen. In real life I have only ever seen them from a distance in a cave and a hedge and have imagined they were a bit like a fat bee! Wrong! Did the ottoman find its way to your home?