31 October 2013

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers

The Wedding cakes are now cooked and smell incredible.
Now they just need some flowers.

I feel that Ivory flowers on an Ivory cake can look very bland, and the photographer side of me is always thinking of how a cake will photograph and to photograph well - it needs colour.

So I made LOTS of filler flowers in 3 shades of blue.
Because all Brides need "Something Blue".

I made a dozen or so small Orchids
(because I really wanted to learn how to make miniature Orchids)
and dusted them a lovely golden yellow.

And I made lots of petite Calla Lilies.
That hung around the kitchen like a family of Field Mice for a week while they dried.
And then another week until I could get around to dusting them in the chosen colours.
(Using a Pasta Drying rack certainly kept them all out of mischief.)

And now the fun part starts...
Wiring them all into THREE bouquets to sit on the Three tiers of The Cake.

Will they come out OK?

I don't quite know -
But I was happy enough with the sample spray that I attached it to the cake knife and promptly ticked THAT job off the list!

Now of course, you all realize, that you are now sworn to secrecy and that none of this can get back to any of the wedding guests!
It is just between you and me... OK?


  1. Oh my Wendy these flowers for the cake are just gorgeous. You are so talented. WOW.
    Hugs bunny

  2. Too late... ;)

    But in any case, your secret's safe with me! It's looking gorgeous!

  3. Wow, Wendy, that is pretty amazing.
    Good luck decorating the cake.