28 October 2013

Scatterdays - P

When I think of the letter P- I think of Pirates,
the ones that come from Penzance of course.
But todays categories are not from a
Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta.

Today I had to locate a Piece of FURNITURE . The photo that I have chosen is of  a PICNIC Table. Hmm The PERFECT PLACE to boil the billy while keeping an eye out for Pirates.... ?

I also had to find a BOOK the title of which started with the letter P - What better choice could I make but J M Barrie's PETER PAN?
If ever you have the opportunity of reading an ORIGINAL copy of this wonderful novel - you will certainly find the description of the notorious Pirate Captain Hook one of the most eloquent pieces of literature ever written.

I was going to post a photo of a Porcupine Quill for the next category which is ANIMAL, but I can sense a theme going on here ...
so I thought another sea themed photo of these PELICANS that we met at the Pivot Point of our adventure holiday at a town on the South Australian Coast called Streaky Bay.
(I'd like to see a Pirate with one of these guys balanced on his shoulder!)

And that just leaves me with a P category from my sewing room that is P for P.I.G.S no, it is not another animal but the Quilting term for Project in Grocery Sack...

A collection of fabrics or kit that is still in the bag it was brought home in - no matter how long ago that may be!

I don't have any Pirate Themed fabric (I do have a lot of Nautical fabric ... somewhere) But I will leave you with the very beautiful PINCUSHION kit (by Helen Dafter) that I couldn't resist - yet here it lies like buried treasure, in the bottom of my PIGS drawer.

Join me in a fortnight ...
... What can I come up with for the letter K ?


  1. Nice collection of piratey Ps. And the pincushion is cute, too, even if nothing to do with pirates!

  2. Very cute pincushion, which I'm sure Keira Knightly would have hooked to her pirate belt for emergencies. The pelicans are beautiful. The picnic furniture is so chunky ....and pebble-creted? It was weathered well and achieved all outcomes....looks like a 60s piece. How is the wedding prep going?

  3. You can't go past a Helen Dafter pincushion pattern - they're just so beautiful! I have Titania's Toadstool, which I'll have to give a go at some point.

    I love that you found so many piratey themed items for P!

  4. There's always another 'p' ....next year! Haven't heard of those or the rabbit ones so there is a cultural catch up on the horizon!