January 1, 2014

Goodness - Is it really Wednesday?

The days over Christmas and New Year tend to moosh into each other and it is difficult to know what day of the week it is - but as I have just been reminded - It is Wednesday and the challenge has been set to post a WOW post today.

Our New Year's Morning ritual is to have breakfast out.  Today we introduced DS#2 to the newest trend creeping into the Melbourne Coffee scene - *Cold Filtered Espresso which went beautifully with his stack of Pancakes, Icecream and Maple Syrup.

*This is Espresso Coffee that is drip filtered over a period of 8+ hours then served chilled over ice or with milk.  Being extracted with cold water, the coffee can't get burnt so has all the subtleties of the blend. I personally think it would make the BEST Iced Affogato if served over perfect vanilla bean Ice cream, and very much worth the wait!

I am now back home and getting stuck into making the Sugar Flowers for DS#1's Wedding Cake. Now that the calendar has been turned over to the new month - I see I have just 16 days left before it is needed.
So with that I had better wish each and every one a Happy New Year and get back to it!

PS - My fingers are just itching to get back to my Quilting - Just a couple of projects that I need to finish off first before I can start something new!

Cheers Wendy.

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  1. start something new.....oh my.....I have been putting projects into bags, and I have NO clue just which one I want to start on.
    I do have a few projects started but they are ones that I take away from home with me. Decisions, decisions.
    I like the yellow flowers for the wedding cake!