May 6, 2015

Esther's Oma

In a previous post I shared that I am currently 'brushing up' on my Appliqué skills by making Esther Aliu's latest BOM - Oma's Blues.

I haven't stuck exactly to the original pattern.
The most noticeable difference is my Quilt is not traditional Delft Blue and White.

Instead I am using the warmer pallet which include Greens, Orange, Red, Yellow and of course Blue and White.

The next section of Esther's quilt calls for a series of borders and appliquéd dishes in traditional Dutch Style, however for my quilt, I have chosen to showcase as much of Leesa Chandler's Dutch Cottage fabric as possible.

I have used two different sections of the same striped print for borders two and three and the small tiles from the feature panel in the Spice colour-way instead of making appliqué dishes.

My next challenge will be to incorporate these beautiful 9" feature plates into the design, without upsetting the balance of the Quilt.

* * * * *

Oma's Blues is a free BOM from Esther Aliu.


  1. That is so pretty. Your colors look beautiful and the border print is lovely. I haven't started this project and had figured I would do it in blues but your top is making me reconsider my decision.

  2. Wendy you have kept this well hidden and it is so so beautiful. I just love it. I have been snowed under with life and family the last few months and have missed visiting lots of my blogs I enjoy, to night I have been going back through yours; got to here so far and WOWWWWW This is gorgeous Hugs glenda