26 April 2015

Mariner's Compass - Progress report

Over the past week as part of a UFO Challenge I have been working on my Quiltworx Mariner's Compass in an attempt to PREVENT it becoming a UFO.

I have Sewn and Folded, Cut and Pressed, turning fabric into Rope and Feathers and Spikes.

Then slowly and carefully sewed the pieces together.

Until the bundles reduced down to just 8,
Then 4
And 2

Nine Hundred and Eighty Four pieces are now ONE.

All that remained was to add an extra border of my own

...and send it off to be Custom Quilted.

But not before getting
the "Seal of Approval"

(obviously someone thought it needed another Spike!)

I can't tick this one off the UFO list just yet, but if I get the binding and label organised now (before getting sidetracked on another project....) it will be so much easier to complete once it is back from the Quilter.

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