7 November 2012

Getting Organised Pt 1

I like to be organised... 
this is a task that I fail miserably at... 
but I keep trying.

I know there will be LOTS of crafty ones out there that have already come to the same conclusion that I did last week... So I am going to share this with those of you who haven't!

And that is .....  Scrapbooking Paper Storage Boxes make ...

AWESOME block boxes!

 And Work in Progress Boxes!

"I bought all the fabric - Now what am I going to do with it?" Boxes....

UFO boxes!

Ok, maybe that one isn't technically a UFO - it's more of a
"I bought a Kit and haven't had time and /or space to get back to it without interruptions" box
- but that doesn't fit on the label!

....you get the idea!
And they all stack up nicely.
(Can't show you a pic. of that 'cause I only have one box)
Yep.... real organised!


  1. Love the idea!!! I have mine piled in plastic boxes but the boxes keep getting shoved around the room and pieces lost!

  2. LOL - you made me laugh. Good idea!

  3. Hahaha, GMTA! I've been in the process of decorating a box that I intend to turn into my sewing stuff mini drawers, rather than storing it in snap lock bags in a big green reusable shopping bag.