15 November 2012

I Spy.....

It has been finished and carefully wrapped up for ages, and now I can finally share with you the completed I Spy Quilt that I had been working on.

The problem with making a quilt for someone who you know has read your Blog, is that you can't post about it - or show it off - until it has been given....

It is intended to be a play-mat with lots of things for the 3 older children to find and teach the new arrival as she grows.  And in true play tradition -  I chose a backing of deep blue with silver stars so it can become a canopy of starlit Night Sky.

Did they like it?
Well, I think little Willow looks a bit ticked off that the older siblings had appropriated it so soon...

The last I saw of it - it was draped above the dining room chairs, underneath was stuffed full with every cushion in the house and a giggle of girls!


  1. Beautiful quilt for a beautiful baby. Nice job.

  2. Really nice quilt! they will get so much fun out of it!!