18 May 2016

I needed a distraction

With everything that has been going on (including a lot I haven't shared) I thought I needed a bit of a distraction, so I decided to see -
How long it actually takes me to make a Bonny Hunter Quilt!

Well, I hit some hurdles very early in the process like,
not having any scraps of any useful colour or quantity,
or any obvious stash of any useful colour or quantity.
Or the Right Shade of Grey!

That being dealt with, it was now time to start cutting - and sewing part 1
WHO'S bright idea was it to make a 'quick project' that was mainly 2 inch squares??

Not my favourite size to work with!

Part 2 was done in two parts taking maybe two half days including cutting.

And Part 3 -
I was steaming along with this getting rather thrilled it was going so well, when I had to drop everything, 'clear the decks' and make curtains for a photographic backdrop.

Today I will be rethreading the machine (after cleaning out the curtain fluff) and HOPEFULLY getting something achieved.

This project has been on the table for 3 - 4 weeks which keeps me in line with Bonny's original postings.
But, as I was challenging myself, I would have liked to have been much further ahead by now.

Progress reports will be posted on WOW - Wednesdays!


  1. Bonnie's patterns do use a lot of small pieces. But they look so good in the end that it is worth all that work. Looking forward to seeing yours done!

  2. Those patterns look quite complex.