9 May 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is not normally a big event at our place.

When they were little, it was always get up quick and get ready for Sunday School.
And my DH has always maintained that I am NOT his mother - so no gifts from his direction.
(To be fair it is our Wedding Anniversary next week - so I can wait).

This year I will share a couple of gifts that I received from 'the kids'.
D-DIL raised this baby Cactus from a cutting off her own plant and has been nurturing it for the last 6 months.
Apparently when she was carefully transporting it yesterday DS#1 took a corner a little less carefully than he should have, resulting in pot, cactus and gravel spilling all over the seat of their (borrowed) car!
She was not amused, but carefully put everything back as it should and I didn't know anything about it until (someone told on him) much later.

D-SIL made a lovely dinner from a recipe he learnt by watching Food Safari
and DD just could not resist buying this Quilting game when she saw it.

Now all I need is someone to play it with!

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