9 May 2016

Where did the month go? ....

Stop me before I Volunteer again.
When I was leaving the Quilt Convention I stopped in at the Merchandise counter - and having just finished 2 hours of White Glove duty, I could not resist buying this souvenir mug.

It is very cute but -
a little too true to be funny!

The following Saturday saw us at a Working Bee at our DS#1's home where we introduced his D-MIL to the joys of our Garden Shredder.

(I think she wants one for Mother's Day!)

Then the next 4 days we totally repainted a friends Rental Unit, and in the process turned a "Sow's Ear" into a Silk purse!
The friend helped as well, moving well out of her comfort zone by climbing ladders and learning to paint.

New carpet was installed on Thursday - what a lucky tenant to get this place, considering they inspected the property BEFORE the work was done!

The following weekend DH and I attended the 'Home Show' - getting ideas and quotes for things we most probably will never afford to get done around the house.

There were many opportunities to put our names in for a prize or special offers - but I was rather amused by this one.

I think it must be the ultimate "DOOR PRIZE" !
(DH didn't get the joke)

Well, today it is bucketing down with rain and a good day to be baking - which reminds me -

I volunteered to organise a 16th birthday party this weekend....

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