20 April 2017

Easter Sunday

I am not Catholic
and I do not speak French ...

but on Easter Sunday I stood in a queue for an hour
Submitted to a bag search
and took my place in reverence in a Cathedral that has celebrated Resurrection Sunday for over 1000 years.

I cannot find words to describe the feeling of seeing this place of Worship accommodate the hundreds of people who filed in and still had seats available.

The building - designed with perfect acoustics, houses a grand Pipe Organ whose voice,
joined by the Cathedral's famous carolling bells filled the cavernous expanse of this beautiful structure with music.

Hearing it being played by a Master Organist was worth the wait in the chilly April morning.

The Sermon was short and to the point (such a pity I could only pick out a few words of what was being said) and only lasted just over an hour.

The sentiment I did understand.

He is not here -
He is Risen -

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