24 April 2017

It was Springtime . . .

Spring time In Paris!
Beautiful Blossoms

I always thought it was because of the shops
but I now know why it is called
"The Paris End of Collins Street"
All they need is some trams!

And in Strasbourg ... 
massed planting of Spring bulbs in median strips

Glimpsing tiny gardens over fences

reminded me of Esther Aliu's 'Forget me Not' Quilt

Across the border in Germany
there were Tulips in planter boxes 
down side streets to nowhere in particular

and Beautiful Parks 
carpeted with Forget me Nots

Oh - and these things...
in their Natural Habitat
-apparently NOT a weed!

Behind cloistered walls in the Notre Dame Museum
a traditional Medieval Herb Garden

And under the Bridges, beside the Ile River

I wondered how many people strolling along the river realised
 they were meters from so much activity.

Beautiful blossoms in Beautiful Alsace.


  1. Dear Wendy

    You look like you are having a whale of a time. Enjoy every minute of it!

  2. Wow....so much beauty to behold!