12 April 2017

Four Days in Paris

Day 3
Was cool and crisp with the vapour trails of many aircraft tracing across the morning sky.

We had a pre-paid ticket to The Louvre which entitled us to "skip the queues" - Only problem with that was - every one who had a Bus pass or Tour group could also skip the queue - creating a queue of their own. (It was somewhat amusing to see the reaction when some tourists finally realised they weren't as special as they thought they were!)

When we finally got inside - through Airport style security and down an escalator which descends from inside the Pyramid, we found ourselves a map.

By the time we had got VERY lost I suggested to once of the rather bored staff that we also required a very large ball of string!
(Obviously we were in the wrong department as she had never heard of the Minotaur's maze.)

I was delighted when we wandered into a new-ish section of the Museum that housed a vast display of Isnik Tiles and  pottery.

Having just finished "Istanbul" I was fascinated to be able to see these vibrant pieces (and not reproductions).

From walls to Ceilings The Louvre is a fascinating place - the actual building is a sight in itself.

Now I have put up a fair amount of Cornices in my own home over the years - but these just blow my mind!

If you can zoom in on the photo you can see the lady in the centre seems rather fed up with the constant foot traffic below her.

Going from the ornate ceilings of the Napoleonic era to the very foundations of the original Fortress that were laid in 1190 AD and excavated in the mid 1980's.

We found ourselves declaring it would take a week to see everything properly.

Having steeped ourselves in so much French History, we decided it only fitting to find a French Restaurant for dinner and sample some of the 'delicacies' of the City.

Foie Gras with toast


(and to my Nephew - NO they do not taste like buttered Gummy Bears!)

Day Four -

was more leisurely, strolling through the streets of Paris in search of the famous "Angelina Tea House" and indulged in a beautiful High Tea and (at the recommendation of our Waiter) The "best hot chocolate in all of France".

Hmmm - maybe he is prejudiced but, Hot Chocolate is taken VERY seriously in Paris - so who am I to argue!

On the way back to our Hotel, we passed a Pet store and I can't resist going into Pet stores, so we wandered through past standard pet shop animals.

I was drawn to the Birds and here in the back was a VERY bored White Cockatoo.

The label on his cage read
"Bebe Cacatoes Alba Tres Approvise" And the Price for this "exotic" bird?
Euro 2600.00
(in today's rates that is $ 3676.26 AUD)

Maybe I will look more kindly at them next time they rip out the lawn!

And then as we were leaving there she was!

The most beautiful creature in the store.
They said she was Persian but with those Ear furnishings I think she may well have some Forest Cat in her -

Unfortunately I couldn't afford her or the airline ticket home - so she will have to find a forever home in Paris.

And on that note we wandered back through gardens that were just bursting with blossom to plan our last half day in Paris.

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