20 October 2017

Did we have a relaxing trip?

Well, that IS the question most people ask once you get home, but in our case Holidays/Vacation/Time Away from Home are rarely relaxing!

We have always preferred to pack as much as possible into our trips away and this month was no exception.
The reason for the trip was to take our DD out for her Birthday (yes, we have told her it is the most expensive Birthday Present she will ever get!)

But that does not mean we couldn't have some fun while we were there!

Digital Cameras have made taking Holiday Photos so much easier now you no longer have that "Oh I have to make every shot count because I only have 3 rolls of film" issue.

But once I added a second camera - ie: my iPhone into the mix things started to get complicated.

Even though I made sure I changed the Time Zone on Both devices so that my photos were not 8 hours ahead of when they were actually taken, they refuse to sort into anything that resembles our day.
So now - Instead of writing about our Trip - I am getting very distracted by sorting and painstakingly renaming Photos.

* * * * *

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  1. Dear Wendy

    Do you have a Shutterfly Account? It is amazing, as it has the built in software that sorts it from any device camera into the correct time and sequence of events. Once the photos are uploaded, it makes life easier for making photo books. Which is my go to as a gift to my siblings and family.