24 October 2017

Where else did you Go - and you did WHAT ?

Continuing on from my last Post with a Photo a Day . . . .


Famous for it's connection to the 'Sound of Music' movie it is somewhere you can have a Beautiful Day out.

But be Warned -
Make Sure you stand on Dry Ground
because Otherwise you WILL get Wet.

Hellbrunn Palace is also known for it's Trick Fountains that spurt water on the unwary!

That Circular hole in the side of the Mountain is the Opening to The Biggest Ice Cave in the World!

We climbed for 45 minutes to get there and then 70 minutes INSIDE.

700 steps in to explore just 1 km of the 40 km Cave then 800 steps out again! - AWESOME.

After testing my Stamina and Phobias in The Ice Cave, our next day was much more restful.

Five and a Half Hours in a Train.
Travelling from Salzburg to Zurich
The next day it was back on the train.
This time a trip to BRUNNEN and Home to the Swiss Army Knife.

I love the Ominous Mountain Peak behind the Victorinox Factory.

Another Day -
Another Mountain

And a Cable Car ride to FELSENEGG Lookout
and Chocolate Cake - Yum !

Exploring Zurich

Inside BEYER Watch and Jewellery Store is a Clock Museum.

From Stone water jars to the latest Wrist watch for a Racing Driver.

And this beautiful Crystal and Gold Pocket watch made in 1855.

We wandered though even more Museums and marvelled at intricate work done without modern equipment.

And then, It is always a "Special Moment" when you see something you actually own!

A little Thumbelina Doll at the Toy Museum which in itself is quite small, but packed with 300 years of Toy History.

Back to Strasbourg

Our time away is almost at an end - so it is back to Strasbourg to have one last weekend with our DD and fulfilling a Promise to see
the Astronomical Clock.

A marvel of Modern technology?

NO - Built in 1574 and renovated in 1669 it is still precisely accurate today!

Just one more excursion left -
DD wanted to take us to BASEL Switzerland
Where she showed us places she had 'discovered' when she had visited on her own.

But her Ulterior Motive became known when she challenged us to Climb the Church Tower!
This is a feat for those of .. Slim build and no Fear of enclosed spaces.

That is no Gargoyle on the rooftop- It is Our DD and she ended up INSIDE the Spire!

As they say...
All Good Things Must come to an End
and so it is time to head home.

Just How far away is it?
Well, according to the signpost, Sydney is just 14,000 km and Melbourne is a few Clicks further on
By Air it will take us 24 hours to get home.

And with that we leave our DD to finish her work in Strasbourg and wait for her to return home -

This year, I can't wait for Christmas!

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