23 October 2017

Where did we Go - and What did we See?

Our Return trip to France was to visit our DD for her Birthday, and something we had planned before she left home.  But it is a VERY long way to go 'just for Dinner', so we decided to see as much as we could while we were there!

If you would like to read a more detailed 
Account of Our Adventures it is over on "Myrtle and Me" 
- There is a link on the sidebar ⇘ 

Now that I have been able to get my Photos sorted
Here are just The Highlights - with a 'Photo of the Day'.

Frankfurt Zoo

This Beauty and I 'faced off' through the Camera
and I was very glad there was thick Glass between us - especially when She took exception to having her Photo taken!

Birthday Dinner

The Reason for the Visit
Because we always need a reason!

Strawberry Parfait
with Raspberry Sorbet
and a Candle!

Evening Walks

Strolling back to our Hotel along the Ill River seeing the Cathedrals in a very different Light.

European Parliament 

A Stunning Complex of Modern Buildings sitting on the edge of an Ancient City.

Petite France

The Heart of the Tourist Precinct
- Petite France is Picture Perfect every Day

Notre Dame - The Climb

Climbing the Cathedral was a highlight
Finding the Stonemasons
("I was here") Marks was an unexpected treat.

Sunday Excursion - 3 in 1 Day Trip

The Castle - Haut-Koenigsbourg

Fully rebuilt from Ruins in 1900 as a Tourist Attraction

was our First Stop in our Alsace Adventure.

La Montagne des Singes

Monkey Mountain -
A Sanctuary for the Barbary Macaque Monkeys

I wondered exactly who was entertaining whom!

The Volerie des Aigles

Beautiful BIG Birds of Prey put on a spectacular aerial show.

So many awesome photographs it was hard to find the best one!

This one shows just HOW BIG these Birds are.

Moving On ... to MUNICH


An Unexpected and Certainly Unplanned Bonus when we decided to break our trip in Munich.

A wonderful Family event for everyone!

Taking the Tourist Bus was the best way to see the City when you don't have a lot of time -

The BMW Centre and Museum was a very futuristic Building that has been used as a Movie set.

Next Stop - SALZBURG 


"No Kangaroos in Austria"

I got the feeling the locals were a little 'tired' of being asked where they can see Kangaroos.

The Hoensalzburg Fortress

It has Dominated the Skyline above Salzburg since 1077.
The Fortress now accessible by Funicular has a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.
It also houses what I considered the BEST Museum display ever.

We Climbed a Mountain to stand at the foot of a Cross 
and see this Breathtaking View.  
(Bumping into two groups of Aussies while we were there!)

It was truly incredible
And all we could say was


* * * * * * * *

If you want to 'read ahead' - there is more over on Myrtle & Me
If not - I will conclude our Photo a Day Post - Tomorrow.

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