7 April 2018

Australian Quilt Convention 2018

Never say Never!

Not so long ago I said I would never
 'Be good enough' to enter a Show. 

But I got brave enough, 
took a big deep breath 
and did!

And of course I said I would Never win a ribbon.
Someone liked my Quilt and - I did!

And not so long ago I replied to a friend's question saying I would NEVER have a Quilt on display at the AQC.

(The Australian Quilt Convention - Held in Melbourne Australia, is the largest Quilt Show/convention in the Southern Hemisphere.)

And the Moral of this Post is . . .

Never say NEVER.

I will admit that I was 'blown away' when I received a letter from the Victorian Quilters requesting My Istanbul for display in the
 "Best of the Best" 
at this year's Australian Quilt Convention. 

(There was a bit of scrambling to be done - Retrieving it from my DS & DIL.  Having it Valued etc which was all a bit nerve wracking.)

And here it is, hanging in some awesome company.

And standing back, just another quilter in the crowd - watching and hearing snippets of conversations and wonderful compliments.... Made me feel Happy that other people liked it too!

Thank you!!!


  1. Congratulations. What a wonderful achievement. Your quilt is amazing.

  2. Congratulations from Canada

  3. When I first went to the craft show with you and your DD, I was stunned to learn that you hadn’t entered any of your beautiful quilts before.

    So while I'm not surprised you have a ribbon to prove you're as awesome as I always knew you were, I am still thrilled that you were selected to display one of your quilts at the 'Best of the Best' theme for the AQC!

    *BIG HUGS* and congratulations!!