26 April 2018

One of THOSE Days . . .

It really is not supposed to be this difficult - Is it?
You have a great pattern, Your Feature Fabric has been in your stash for not that long.

So WHY is it so hard to choose Fabric?

For me- it is the worry that I will make a very expensive mistake and end up with something that just doesn't work.

So it stays in the too hard basket.

I have been agonising over such a Quilt for months or is it years?

Time to get it off the shelf and into the TBQ* box.

[*To Be Quilted. I have a box for tops I have finished and they are waiting to be quilted when they are needed.]

With some help from my (always coordinated) DH, we laid out the fabric choices on the floor and played around with 'What goes Where' until we were both happy.

Cutting out the blocks should not be difficult or time consuming,  That is until I discovered that there was a printing error on one of my rulers....

The ¼ and ½ lines are ⅛ of an inch out, sitting on the ⅛ and ⅜ positions!

Cutting the Sashing strips took more time and a LOT more frustration.
The Pattern said I needed 32 x 1½ inches WOF cuts - I had enough fabric for 30, I was 3 inches short!
No time to fret. I didn't want to start cutting only to find I couldn't get any more fabric so - Off to the Shop I went (an hours drive away...) hoping that the small bolt would still be there.

SUCCESS! And I got some fabric for the Border - Now I can relax.
Now I can start cutting my Strips.

Put my Audio Book on and - No?
DS#2 is working from home today and it will distract him.
Put the Ear buds in - That's better.
Well - I don't need to tell you what happened next. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words.
What was I saying earlier about expensive mistakes?
Fortunately I managed to stop the rotary cutter before severing the cable completely and one ear still works.

The Quilt sewed together quickly - an advantage of working with big blocks and large prints. And the sashing looks really good between the oriental fabrics.
I had decided to cut the strips as I needed them and when I finished.....
I had 12 inches of my Original fabric left over!

Oh - and the Fabric I picked up for the  border - would have looked good as a small piece IN the quilt but not for a 7 inch border AROUND it.

SO - I will have to go back to the Shop and find a Suitable Border Fabric

Yep - It was just NOT my day!


  1. Oh, that is NOT a fun day! Hope the next one is better.

  2. Oh dear! Well, at least fabric stores are fun to browse :)