28 April 2018

Back in the Garden.

Autumn in Melbourne really is the Best time of year!

Cold Mornings herald Beautiful afternoons and promise Crisp Evenings that are Perfect for sleeping.
Coupled with a dryer than usual April - it makes Very good Gardening Weather.

Last 'Working Bee' had us digging out trees that were not quite working.
Neither Bird nor Bee were interested in the meagre blooms it struggled to make.

That done - it was time to tidy things up!

This area has become a place to put the stuff that doesn't have anywhere else to live - INCLUDING the old Gazebo!

Today's task is about making this unloved back corner into something that ties the whole Garden together.

DH moved things out to - - I have no idea where!

We re-levelled the Old Gazebo frame and moved its supporting fence across a section, which opened up the view considerably.

Did a Lot more Weeding
And went for Coffee at Bunnings...

(Do you think he may suspect I had an ulterior motive?)

Some beautiful new Nectar rich Aussie Natives to fill in the gaps.

And all those Things that had nowhere to live?
They just needed to feel useful again!

All that was required was a few seedlings, some markdowns, and even things that just needed repotting.

There is a lot we can't do until our rear fence is replaced (hopefully soon) but until then - It is a Start! .....


  1. It is a beautiful time of year. We've been doing a bit of planting here, too.