3 October 2012

Dragonflies and Batiks

Last week I posted about the perils of not washing your Batik Fabric, and this week I'll show off what I was doing with them, now that the quilt top is finished.

When I found this beautiful fabric at my LQS I knew it HAD to be turned into a Stained Glass Window!

So I chose some Batik fabric to match... and washed them (actually I was more concerned about them shrinking than shedding dye.)

And decided to try out a new pattern, before I cut into the fabric that came in the kit.

The pattern went together well, and although the sashing is actually too wide for a real Stained Glass, it still looks pretty good - although at 56" x 50" it is a small quilt.

(Yes, You have seen this quilt before)
It stayed on the floor for a bit and I realised, for what I was after, it needed a border, so it was decided (my family often has input into what they would like or what would look ok for where the quilt is eventually going to end up - ie Who is going to claim it when it is done)

And this is the result.  Personally I think the border is a little wide, but after doing all the math and then sewing it on..... It can stay there!

Now all that is needed is to work out how to quilt it!
Any suggestions???


  1. Lovely stained glass top... good luck with finding the right way to quilt it.

  2. I Love the colors! who ended up claiming it?

  3. That is an absolutely beautiful quilt! I think you found the perfect pattern for the fabric. Please post the photo after you quilt it.


  4. Looks great, maybe all over quilting with dragon flies. Bunny

  5. Well I for one think the wide boarder is perfect, pulls it all together. Such warm colours and perfect for a male or female. Great quilt top. Cheers Glenda PS If I quilted it I would do the neutral panels in cross hatch and the large panels in free Dragon flies like Bunny said.!!!!!!