25 October 2012

Curve Challenge Pt 2

I have cut out all the pieces for the blocks, some of which were rather tight curves, so when the standard small rotary cutter couldn't handle to job - I went looking for something smaller.  I found this at Spotlight in the Scrapbooking section.
Works for me (and Rita - my Hand Model)

The piecing is going together wonderfully with the help of the "Curve Master" accessory that I pulled out from the 'useless gadget' drawer.

The problem that I am having is:

1.  The fabric that I bought to use as background takes up (OK - shrinks) when I touch it with the iron - not to mention when it gets wet. - I know - I should have pre-washed it, but the test piece didn't shed dye when I tested it so I forgot to check to see if it had shrunk as well.  I also SHOULD have realised something was not quite right when I couldn't line up the selvedges!

2.  I think it may be a little bit TOO Orange - and that Blue would have been a better choice, after all the design is intended to be an Island.

So what do I do?

I can cut my losses on some rather not-cheap fabric and redo the background. - Wash and re-cut/re-use the fabric in something else.
Continue on with the project, and Quilt the daylights out of the background in the hope that it may stay put when the quilt is washed.

So you can see my dilemma - In the meantime it stays on the floor, threatening to become a UFO until I can decide what to do!

Hmmm.. Any Suggestions??


  1. I feel your pain! I would ordinarily suggest that you take off the background, wash and use it in another project and get another fabric, but I do feel inclined that you should just go on.

    It looks so great, sometimes it's hard to recapture that orginal energy...how big will it be? Will it get a lot of use? need washing? There's nothing worse than quilting the life out of a piece to see it warp after washing anyways.

    Ah well, I'm trying to help but I cant decide either!

    Whatever you do, dont let it turn into a WIP!

  2. Would it mean you unstitch all those pieces hmmmm I don't have patience to do that.. Guess I would wash a piece and see if it shrinks. Then decide if you want to start over. Good luck Bunny

  3. If you turn it into a wall quilt than you wouldn't have to re do it as how often do you really was a wall quilt? I usually just use a hair dryer and blow the dust off!!! I think the colors are great. It would be a shame not to finish it.