22 October 2012

No, seriously.......

... I am just trying to get to the QANTAS terminal!

Photo from The Hume Leader News
An Eastern Grey Kangaroo was found wandering on level 5 of Melbourne International  Airport (Tullamarine) Car park  this morning.  Staff, once alerted to his presence, cordoned off the area and called Wildlife Victoria, who tranquilised the bewildered 'roo before taking him off to a vet for a checkup prior to releasing him back into the bush.

I am sorry to advise my international readers that this is not a common occurrence, and usually the only Kangaroos at Tullamarine Airport are the flying variety!

But, having driven up onto Level 5 of that car park - It leaves me wondering ... How on earth did he get that far without being noticed?

Hmmm - was he was heading for 'Departures' ?
- maybe he'd just arrived!

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  1. That's funny! We occasionally have deer do something like that here in America. But is interesting how he got that far without being noticed! :)